Faeley Vidya Chanan Hove

SOCH primarily effort is towards promoting education in poor communities. SOCH volunteers decided to pick Sikligarh community because there was already another NGO working to promote education in this community but they were not successful because of various reasons.

Some of that NGO members came in contact with SOCH team. We found that Kids were not having proper infrastructure, no syllabus, no discipline etc. Our team wanted to continue the effort other NGO was doing and wanted to spend at least couple of years to build better support model and framework and apply learning’s that can be replicated to other communities.

SOCH is currently supporting over 250 children and has built a very strong relationship with the community. SOCH follows the values of love, sincerity, passion and honesty in carrying out any task and treats the kids as their own. The journey of SOCH started with one school, Montessori Public High School, and now has expanded to 4 schools.
SOCH is working with the following schools:

School Name   No. Of Students
Montessori Public  High School   130
Patel High School   79
Genius High School   35
Gurunanak Public High School , Bidar   1
Total   245

 Our strategy is to support other communities by playing the role of facilitator and providing the platform, funds and support model we developed so far.